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by Machine Music

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i looked at myself in the mirror and for the first time in a while i saw how beautiful i am it felt quite good to acknowledge this because the next time that i'll feel like i'm not, this mirrored reality will prove me wrong i'll have nothing more to do but smile and with that smile, everybody else will acknowledge my beauty whether they like it or not


The third installation of Machine Music's charity compilation, with all proceeds going to the For the Wildlife wildlife sanctuary (more info below). What we set out to do with this series is a very simple thing - to showcase the absolute best in underground and extreme music both locally and internationally. There's nothing that brings more joy than connecting with people who make amazing art, wherever those people may be, and this newest compilation is just further proof of that with contributions from Israel, the U.S., Belgium, Japan, The Netherlands, Italy, and Iceland.

==All proceeds go to For the Wildlife animal sanctuary==

--Dedicated to the loving memory of Drew Hays--


Nero di Marte. One of the most unique, exciting voices in global black metal Neo di Marte combine equal parts prog sensibilities with an ear for expansive, emotive black metal. This track comes off their 2014 split with Void of Sleep. Check them out here:

atameo. Representing some of the absolute best Tel Avivan hardcore and post-hardcore Atameo are the screamo messiahs you never knew you needed. Urgent, emotional, and intense as all hell. Check them out:

Bygones. Coming from the fertile underground haven of Haifa Bygones combine everything that is right and good about modern hardcore - they're fierce, unapologetic, and heavy as a building. This track is from their recent debut full length. Check it out here:

Beyond Despair. Tel Aviv's Beyond Despair is the one-man instrumental project from Zion Mizrahi, the frontman/guitarist of hardcore project Katzon Latevach. Introspective and shimmering music. This is an exclusive track, but you can hear the rest of his amazing work here:

Inter Arma. A band that needs no introduction, but will get one anyway. One of the best heavy acts out there today, these Virginia post-everything saviors have produced one of the best discographies in the past decade or so, combining crushing heaviness with a rare ear for timing and atmosphere. The track they've written for this compilation is a much more black-metal oriented and one of my favorite songs of the year. Support:

Ekdikēsis. A relatively new Icelandic black metal project that burst into the scene inside my head with an absolutely brilliant dissonant black metal masterpiece in Canvas of a New Dawn. A fresh new voice in what is already one of the best and most creative scenes of the past decade. Check them out:

夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker). For the past few years 夢遊病者 has been one of the most original voices in underground music, welding together the ferociousness of black metal, the dystopian vibe of industrial and drone with a rare sense of compassion and humanity. It is thus our absolute honor to present a track written especially for this compilation by this exquisite shadowy presence. Make sure to check them out and support them on their page:

Morris Kolontrysky. Known predominantly for his membership in such pivotal contemporary bands such as Blood Incantation, Spectral Voice, and Black Curse and more recently with his one-man black metal project Natürgeist, Kolontrysky is also a gifted neo-classical and ambient composer, evident in this beautiful unreleased ambient track. For more of his work go here:

Name. Working out of California this mathcore/grindcore/death metal three piece has been spending the last two decades spewing disjointed, unhinged music unto an unsuspecting world. Their most recent full-length, You Are Mostly Nowhere, is a masterpiece of unleashed angst and we are very happy to be able to include a track off of it here. Check out everything they do:

ZAÄAR. The brainchild of one of the most active and creative brains in the music scene today, ZAÄAR is the latest from Czlt, the fascinating multi-instrumentalist most recently known as part of the genre-defying juggernaut NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM. Expansive, other-worldly and unlike anything you've ever heard this track is the second single from the project's upcoming debut album. Check it out:

Dreichmere. Out of the arid fields of progressive extreme metal Dreichmere's exciting 2020 debut The Fruit of Barren Fields was a breath of magnificent breath air. We're honored to include the demo version of that album's epic penultimate track. You can check out the rest here:

Andarta. Composed of seasoned veterans of Jerusalem's experimental music scene Andarta produce uncompromising, bleak noise rock that both bears the marks of some of the great bands of the heyday of that style as well as the feeling of something suffocating and new. This is a demo for a upcoming release, but make sure not to miss their debut EP:

Argwaan. Put quite directly Argwaan's debut that came out earlier this year is one of our favorite black metal release of the year, well within the depressive black metal tradition of bands such as Xasthur or Nyktalgia. Immersive, emotional, and fantastic. Check it out here:

Östra Torn. Yet another representative of the red-hot Haifa scene, Östra Torn dish out what could be called the peak o Kurt Ballou-esque crushing hardcore, sludge, and punk. They are relentless and sublime. This track comes from their most recent offering, Providence. Check it out:

Choshech. Since coming out a couple of years ago Choshech has been, in my mind, one of the most interesting acts coming up today. They bring together so many elements that are both international and also endemic to the Israeli underground scene since the mid 80s, from post-punk, new wave, black metal, and indie rock. A truly unique and mesmerizing voice. Don't miss out on their previous album as you await the next one:

Batshitcrazies. There are many ways to go about this but basically: A breath of fucking air. The energy, intelligence, and, at times, wrath on display on Batshitcrazies' brilliant 2019 debut album are everything anyone with a soft spot for riotous, punky alt-rock should ever need. All I need, honestly, is more. Support their crazy here:

Drune. I was lucky enough to check out the debut EP/demo from this Denver doom project in early 2020 and I was entirely and completely floored. It was the musicality of it all, the pitch-perfect performances and instrumentation, it was a lot of things. But most of all it is immense, emotional stoner/doom in that oh-so-scarce YOB tradition of love and trepidation. Do not miss out on their new album coming soon. Check them out:

Ketoret. Ketoret aren't just one of the best black metal bands to come out of Israel in recent years they are one of the best new melodic, atmospheric black metal bands in world right now. A shimmering cloud of feeling and atmosphere. If you haven't checked out their debut yet, do so:

Pharmacist. Gore, riffs, more gore, better riffs, the end. That's basically Japanese goregrind project in a nutshell. It's just that the riffs are the best riffs, the tracks the best tracks, and the band one of my absolute favorite new bands right now, and a very prolific one at that. So, yeah, they release a lot but all hits, no misses. Don't believe me? Believe:

Myrdød. I stumbled into Myrdød's harsh brand of black metal when I stumbled into their demo a while back. It was immediately taken by not only their brashness and aggression but by their ability to just write great songs. The band's sound has evolved since then, but that core of songwriting and terror is very much still there. Support:

Trauma Bond. With one of the best debut releases this year London-based Trauma Bond exploded into our minds with their hot-pink, riff-tastic slab of powerviolence and grindcore. It doesn't get heavier or more catchy than this. Support them here:


released October 20, 2021


all rights reserved



Machine Music Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

Machine Music is a Tel Aviv-based music website that has covered local and international underground metal, hardcore, and noise since 2010.

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