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Chaos mocks Your knowledge of the rules of power Satan laughs At your beliefs, including satan Hell is everyday Pray there is no afterlife You are your own antichrist Anti nothing Anti-life Words of prejudice Worms that prey on rotting flesh Dickless pederasts Pimping for a dead messiah Politics of genocide Stillborn, vilified Born from nowhere you're a pawn You are gone Into nothing White lives don't matter Tough lives don't matter Race, creed, policy Modernist conspiracy Black, pink, handicapped, Anglo-saxon protestant Labels with a price tag The toe tag on your corpse No life matters No life matters Death speaks Louder than ideas of power Cancerous confidence A sitting duck for tragic horrors Hubris maximus Thanatos est inimicus Infernal supremacy Eternal stupidity [lead teeth] Horrifying mental void Terorrizing murdered souls Haunted into failure No Life Matters No life fucking matters Dying in the holocaust of flesh You are but a shadow of conformity and rage No life matters
Against that time, if ever that time come, When I shall see thee frown on my defects, When as thy love hath cast his utmost sum, Call'd to that audit by advised respects; Against that time when thou shalt strangely pass And scarcely greet me with that sun thine eye, When love, converted from the thing it was, Shall reasons find of settled gravity,-- Against that time do I ensconce me here Within the knowledge of mine own desert, And this my hand against myself uprear, To guard the lawful reasons on thy part: To leave poor me thou hast the strength of laws, Since why to love I can allege no cause. - William Shakespeare


The first collection issued by the Machine Music blog and website (, MILIM KASHOT ("Harsh Words") brings together some of the more forward thinking, exciting, and innovative sounds from the (don't say bowels)...uh... bowels (shit) of the Israeli underground metal, grindcore, sludge, and neo-folk scenes. Composed of demoes and never-before-released tracks, and pitting together some of the stalwarts of the Israeli heavy scene as well as some bright new starts, MILIM KASHOT is a document of the contemporary local underground scene.

Initially MILIK KASHOT will be made available exclusively to Machine Music Patreon supporters, with a wide released scheduled Sept. 25, 2019. To become a Patron:

Track-by-track description:

Karkait - "Irus // אירוס.""Art-house grindcore" is what comes to mind when listening to this Jerusalem-based crew. Violence, anti-music, and total blackout, however, are just one mood among many on Karkati's palate, as they delve deep into the bottom ("karkait") of the universe and existence. FFO: Wreck and Reference, Cloud Rat, Sunny Day Real Estate. For their stunning debut EP go here:

Svpremacist - "No Life Matters." A raging, thrashy black metal collective that thrives forever on the edge of both darkness and bristling energy. They burst onto the scene in 2018 with two concise, tight EPs, and have quickly become a staple of the local metal scene. FFO: Hellhammer, Sarcofago, Vomitor. Check them out here:

Ingrain - "Sank the Summits." The opening track to the stunning debut by Jerusalem-baed post-rock/post-black collective Ingrain. Seamlessly bringing together soft and harsh melodies, this is a must for any lover of emotionally charged cerebral metal. FFO: Fall of Efrafa, Downfall of Gaia, Year of No Light. Check out the rest of Slough here:

SCUD - "Burning the Shelter / שורף תמקלט." The first-ever recording of brand new grindcore duo SCUD, featuring members of Svpremacist and Sadistikus. Raw, crazed, and menacing. FFO: WAKE, Cloud Rat, Meth Leppard.

KESSEF - "Boker Tov." One of the most innovative, creative, and crushing bands in recent memory, returns (somewhat) back to life from the coma of a prolonged hiatus with this unreleased past demo. FFO: Botch, Knut, Crowbar. For the rest of their brilliance, go check their full-length The Meaning of Stam here:

NŪR - "Withered Dalia." Post-metal powerhouse NUR take an unexpected turn in this emotional instrumental track. FFO: Cult of Luna, The Ocean, ISIS. Check the rest of their stuff at:

Dukatalon - "Vagabond." Veteran sludge behemoths, who are prepping their long-awaited followup to the Relapse-released Saved by Fear, present a blast from the past with the earlier version of this majestic song form the long-out-of-print 2007 EP. FFO: Inter Arma, Indian, Conan. Check them out here:

Damamadaka - "Whirling of Dead Leaves." A supergroup of sorts of some of the more unstoppable forces in the local experimental-music scene, Dmamadaka brings together members of such groundbreaking acts as Lietterschpich, Remesh and (many others) moulding their collective experiences into twisted, oddly groovy, and often terrifying noise rock. This demo is the first official release of their music, with much more to come. FFO: Today is the Day, KEN Mode, Gaza. For some of the other stuff these freaks have done in the past see:

KADAVER and KLUVIM - "Noire Enlightment." The first cooperation between veteran noise artist KADAVER and Haifa grindcore unit KLUVIM. While both are beyond worth checking out on their own, this unified effort brings together the harsh soundscapes that are such a major part of KADAVER's work and the manic, barely contained energy found on KLUVIM's first two EPs. FFO: Full of Hell, Merzbow, Ramleh. Check both artists out here:

Megason - "Space." Megason's brand of instrumental, post-rocky, angular fury has been a standout of the local scene. Combining stoner or sludge vibes with the cerebral attitude of such post-hardcore acts such as Don Caballero, Faraquet, and Battles, this trio bangs out unique, energetic, and brilliant music. "Space" was recorded during the sessions leading up to their latest full length. Check them out here:

Kever - "The Ceremony." At this point one would think Kever requires no introduction. If you've been keeping an eye on contemporary underground death metal then you've heard of them, either through their releases via Dark Descent Records, their participation in the recent Killtown Deathfest, or just word of mouth, Kever is one of the best and most exciting death metal bands out, whether locally or internationally. This is the closing track from their most recent EP, Primordial Offerings. FFO: Phrenelith, Mortiferum, Taphos. Check them out here:

Acid Boys - "Haya Meta / חיה מתה." This is the first-ever recording from a new, mysterious, Berlin-based duo, but it sure as hell won't be their last. Bringing together influences as varied as hard rock, sludge, and pop, Acid Boys have a knack for penning infectious, heavy melodies, strewn with somber, almost lethargic, vocals. Truly a band to look out for in the future. FFO: Big Business, Queens of the Stone Age, Helms Alee.

Zeresh - "If Ever that Time Come." The solo project of musician/artist Tamar Singer, Zeresh washes over its listeners with elegant, ethereal, and heartbreakingly beautiful folk, that at times borders on acoustic doom. After her stellar debut EP, and ahead of the debut LP, Singer offers up a demo from the new sessions. FFO: My Dying Bride, ROME, Death in June. Check out the rest of Zeresh's music here:

Cover Art: Daniel Sasson
Cover Design and Logo Design: Amit Ben-Haim


released September 25, 2019


all rights reserved



Machine Music Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

Machine Music is a Tel Aviv-based music website that has covered local and international underground metal, hardcore, and noise since 2010.

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